Research & IT Division

Initially conceived as Research & Library, the IT has now claimed its precedence over the Library and the division is now Research & IT Division. While IT gained its priority, the role of library cannot yet be sidelined as the source of information. It continues to play a vital role as a historical knowledge base. So, the Research & IT Division is comprised of 3 Sections namely, the Research Section, IT Section and the Library & Documentation Section. Research section is mandated not only with acquisition and application of new knowledge but to updating the existing knowledge base. Its mandate covers the research and exposition on the pertinent issues of national legal importance with reference to international developments wherever relevant.

IT Section looks after the IT services of the Office. Within the available budget, it strives to provide effective IT services to the OAG through constant improvement and up gradation of the IT facilities. This Section also maintains the website. The OAG website aims at providing access to important legal publications and web-based resources. Keeping with the legal dissemination mandate of the Act, IT section started uploading laws, new and old.

The Office of the Attorney General Act mandates that OAG shall be the depository of all laws. To this end, OAG has started procuring reference books, law books, and other legal matters. OAG envisages a development of high-speed, integrated and accurate storage of bulk information and maintain its own computerized databases. OAG also seeks access to remote databases to facilitate researches.

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