Drafting & Review Division

The Drafting and Review Division has the Drafting Section and the Review Section. It is headed by an Assistant Attorney General.

The Drafting Section looks after the drafting of bills referred to it by the Royal Government for which the ministries/ agencies concerned must furnish clear policy guidelines and support to the Office for drafting of the bills. In this task, the ministries/agencies are also required to designate in writing an official who will be a liaison officer between the agency and the OAG and also to facilitate the Office in drafting of the bills. The Division also drafts other legal instruments.

The Review Section reviews bills drafted by other agencies and referred to it by the Royal Government, as well as review existing laws and propose for necessary amendments to the Royal Government. It also review other legal instruments referred to it by the Royal Government.

The Division may constitute Committees as and when required for its functions.

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