1. Laws

United States

  1. Legislation

Federal Laws – United States Code:

Federal Regulations – Code of Federal Regulations: https://www.gpoaccess.gov/ecfr/

State Laws – Legal Information Institute (LII): https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/state_statutes

2. Cases

Legal Information Institute (LII) Supreme Court Cases: https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/search/

Justia Supreme Court Cases: https://supreme.justia.com/

Justia Courts of Appeals Cases: https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/

United Kingdom

1. Legislation

World Law Guide (view laws by topic): https://www.lexadin.nl/wlg/legis/nofr/eur/lxweuk.htm

Official UK Government legislation website: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/

British & Irish Legal Information Institute (BaiLII): https://www.bailii.org/form/search_legis.html

2. Cases

British & Irish Legal Information Institute (BaiLII): https://www.bailii.org/form/search_cases.html


1. Legislation

World Law Guide (view laws by topic): https://www.lexadin.nl/wlg/legis/nofr/oeur/lxweind.htm

India Code: https://www.indiacode.nic.in/

Legal Information Institute of India: https://www.liiofindia.org/in/legis/cen/num_act/

2. Cases

Judgment Information System (JUDIS): https://www.judis.nic.in/

Legal Information Institute of India (Supreme Court): https://www.liiofindia.org/in/cases/cen/INSC/


1. Legislation

Singapore Statutes Online (view laws by topic): https://statutes.agc.gov.sg/subindex.html

World Law Guide (view laws by topic): https://www.lexadin.nl/wlg/legis/nofr/oeur/lxwesin.htm

2. Cases

World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII): https://www.worldlii.org/catalog/2581.html

Other Jurisdictions

To discover laws and cases for other countries the following websites can be consulted:

WorldLII: https://www.worldlii.org/countries.html

The World Law Guide: https://www.lexadin.nl/wlg/

2. Law Journal Articles

A useful source for accessing free copies of law journal articles is the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN): https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/DisplayAbstractSearch.cfm

This database contains many free articles which are later published in prestigious law journals eg. Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal. Not all the articles in the database are free but there are hundreds of thousands that can be downloaded without cost.

[CREDITS: The Office of the Attorney General would like to sincerely thank Mr. Michael Unwin, Liaison Librarian at QUT Clayton Utz Law Library, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD 4001 for compiling this resource for accessing free web sources of overseas laws and legal journal articles under the Aus-Aid public sector linkage programme]

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